Hmmm... This is actually an interesting concept in retirement. Everybody is looking for comfort - heck that's part (most?) of the reason you retire. And you can definitely find comfort in retirement, on the couch or at the bottom of an ice cream container or glass of wine. There's plenty of time for it! The challenge to leading a good life in retirement is actually being able to create your own DIScomfort. Life (work, kids, etc.) has given you your challenges (and victories!) up until now. Now, you need to challenge yourself. If you don't, this comfort "problem" turns into depression and an early grave for way too many.

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Thanks, Jeri. And you're absolutely right!

In each of our lives, we're constantly having to decide between our current and future selves when it comes to money, our health, our... everything.

This involves psychology, delayed gratification, and more. And having a personalized plan or strategy isn't a cure-all here, but I sure think it can help.

Appreciate you sharing your thougths!

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